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What does SOUP stand for?

S – Social, O – Original, U – Unique, P – Positive

Nah just kidding – it just stands for us loving a hot bowl of soup. 

Is this a soup kitchen?

Nope, just a group of people getting together in Melbourne under the name SOUP.

What is a SOUP event?

A few hours of heartwarming, community goodness. It involves 3 presentations from people with ideas that have a social and/or environmental benefit to their local neighbourhood. The audience votes on the presentations whilst enjoying a bowl of soup and some live entertainment. The presenter that receives the most votes goes home with money generated from ticket sales.

How often are SOUP events held?

We host events roughly every 2 months. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page for regular event updates.

Where are the events held?

We aim to hold events all over Melbourne. Typically they’ll be in a cafe, a community hall or an office space, but they’re adaptable.

Who presents at a SOUP event?

A variety of people! It could be individuals with an idea to do something good with, or community groups looking to launch a purpose driven project.

Is there actually soup?

Yep! And it’s bloody delicious if we do say so ourselves.

What kinds of soup?

We like to change it up, but we’ve always got a vegan option. Past attendees have slurped down a thom kha, roasted veg, potato and leek among others.

Can I volunteer my time/skills?

Absolutely. Visit our Get Involved page to find out how.