The Story So Far

Hi. We’re Melbourne SOUP. We organise events that bring together residents of Melbourne to hear about ideas and early-stage projects that can help change the world. Here’s a little bit more about us and our story so far.

December 2018-
Fresh off the boat from Scotland, Chris is searching for a job in the social impact space. Having co-ran Aberdeen SOUP back home, he spots an opportunity to do the same here in Melbourne. A couple of chance-conversations with the right people, and a date is set to have a stab at launching Melbourne SOUP.

The original Melbourne SOUP logo, crafted by a graphically illiterate Chris through Googling ‘logo creator free’

February 2019-
Melbourne SOUP #1 goes down as a hugely successful launch event. An audience of over 60 people attended, and hear about 4 amazing initiatives spanning the topics of plastic reduction, trauma therapy yoga, volunteering and youth homelessness. Soup is consumed. People mingle. Voting takes place. Cameron Cruwys provides the perfect ambience with his performance. The winners, Society Melbourne, go home with $680 of prize money to put towards opening their new social enterprise cafe space home.two.

“Who’s hungry?”

Our slick, sexy branding went live before SOUP #2, designed by someone who actually knew what they were doing

March 2019-
Melbourne SOUP #2 tops its predecessor. 87 tickets are sold. We show off our slick re-brand through our t-shirts and banner. The audience hears presentations on accessible spaces, behavioural science and the environment, basic necessities and bereaved young adults. Soup is consumed. People mingle. Voting takes place. Mon Shelford blows us away with her incredible vocals. SpairPair scoop $758 to build their inventory of socks and explore the business to business side of their operations quicker.

Also in March: Our website gets up and running. We take to Instagram. Our team begins to form.

A few of the SOUP Team in our fancy new t-shirts scattered amongst the presenters from SOUP #2

April 2019-
We smash out our own crowdfunding campaign, hitting our target of $5000 with 2 days to spare. We host a stall at Fair@Square, a 2-day exhibition of ethical businesses in Federation Square. We speak at a student-led cocktail drinks night as one of the guest speakers (ooo, fancy us eh). SOUP #3 goes live, taking place at the start of June.

Our stall at Fair@Square

“Students like soup, right?”

And here we are. Get involved by attending our next event, taking place at the beginning of June. Details here.

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